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Участник Всероссийского интернет-педсовета-2010

Fatma Khanım Bunyatova — Russian language, 6-th grade

The director of school “İdrak mektebi”(School of Cognition), author of  Constructive Teaching technology, trainer of International Cooperative teaching. “Venerable lesson”  on  a theme of  “Имя прилагательное” in Russian language, in VI class secondary school N0 198. The lesson on a theme of  “Имя прилагательное” (“Adjective”) was carried out  with the unity of constructive teaching (CT) technology and ICT. In CT knowledge is not transferred to students,  students in learning process  organized by teacher in the direction of mentality, forms their new knowledge basing their knowledge and experience. The lesson consisted of two parts. In the first part,   student with the questions set  by  the teacher acquired to find the place of knowledge in knowledge system  by revealing their knowledge. After finding the place of the theme in the system,  the relation of  “Имя прилагательное”-adjective  with other parts of speech, specially with the noun and other parts of speech  was found and shown with examples by referring this relation. Read more (video)…

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